Web3 Weekly Rollup: Biden’s Executive Order on Crypto | International Women’s Day | Music & NFTs

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This week we saw a lot of positivity in the Web3 space.

In this episode we talk about:

  • President Biden’s new executive order on crypto and why it’s a positive move forward.
  • International Women’s Day and the focus on bringing more women into crypto.
  • How NFTs are transforming the music industry.
  • Examples of Web3 being incorporated IRL (in real life)
  • Our DAO of the Month

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Executive Order on Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets

The executive order can be broken down into 6 categories:

  1. Protect consumers, investors, and businesses
  2. Protect US and global financial stability
  3. Address illicit finance (money laundering, funding terrorism, crime, etc.)
  4. Reinforce US financial leadership
  5. Access to safe and affordable financial services
  6. Support technological advances

A more detailed breakdown can be found in a twitter thread written by Jack Niewold here

International Women’s Day Focuses on Bringing Women to Web3

This week we saw a big step forward, with a partnership between World of Women NFT and The Sandbox. 

The two have teamed up to create The WoW Foundation.  The WoW Foundation will receive $25 million over the next 5 years to launch a virtual academy and incubator for female artists.

Web3 is all about inclusivity, so it’s great to see efforts being continually made by the community to further the movement.

NFTs & Music

The potential that NFTs have to revolutionize the music industry and onboard the masses to Web3 is overwhelming.

Not only do NFTs serve as a means for better compensating the artists, it also allows for their fans to share in the upside, by rewarding them through royalties, collectibles, and actual ownership.

LimeWire is being revived as an NFT marketplace

Blast From the Past
LimeWire is coming back…as a platform for NFTs.

LimeWire, a popular peer-to-peer sharing platform from the early 2000s, has announced they will be launching a “very music-focused” NFT marketplace.

Other Events to Note:

  • Steve Cooper, the Head of Warner Music, talked about the importance of Web3 to the growth of the music industry during their quarterly earnings call.
  • FTX Partners with Tomorrowland (one of the largest music festivals in the world) to integrate NFTs into their live events and help expand Web3 in the music industry.

Web3 IRL

Empire DAO wants to build “the WeWork for Web3.”  They are building a coworking space that will be centered around people working in crypto.  Memberships to the cowering space will be sold as NFTs.

DAO of the Month

Our DAO of the Month is LinksDAO.

LinksDAO is a global community of golf enthusiasts that have tome together to buy an actual golf course.  

Memberships are granted to owners of the LinksDAO NFT.  Members will come together to identify and decide on which golf course to acquire.  

They plan to open the first LinksDAO Club location towards the end of 2022 – early 2023, with the hopes of purchasing additional golf courses around the world.

To read more about what the team over at Links DAO is working on, check out their links below:

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