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Gm DOers!

The Web3 Academy Discord has had a rush of new members join over the past couple of days!

Welcome to all the new members reading this newsletter for the first time – we’re beyond excited to be on this Web3 journey with you.

The push we saw to further the inclusivity of women into Web3 last week around International Women’s Day was inspiring.

We’re honored to continue that sentiment with this week’s Web3 DOer Spotlight guests, Dina and Deanna of TheNFTBabes.

Deanna and Dina are the founders of Boss Babes NFT and the hosts of Women In NFTs.  They are doing incredible work to inspire and help women in Web3

You can watch the episode below, or listen on your favorite platform Spotify | Apple Podcast | YouTube

The Process of Building Community In Web3 with The NFT Babes

In 2021, Deanna and Dina immersed themselves in Web3 after realizing the endless opportunity and creative freedom that exists within the space.

They immediately started taking action and set out on a journey to build a tight knit community centered around entrepreneurial, creative, and driven women in Web3.

They do a great job of walking us through the process of creating, structuring, and growing an NFT project from the ground up.  The time, energy, and patience that is required to build it the right way.  

They talk about the importance of not only providing real value/utility, but being as transparent as possible with your community to truly build trust with your members.

Lastly, they tell us about what they envision for the future of BossBabesNFT.  A strong community that acts as an incubator for other women to create and build projects in Web3 – providing them the tools, knowledge, guidance, and platform to successfully launch their own projects.

Connect With Dina & Deanna

TheNFTBabes Twitter
BossBabes NFT

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