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Learning Web3 should not be a mystery

The truth is…

Web3 is confusing AF.

Youtube is just a bunch of influencers schilling bags (...ADA?)

Twitter is full of confusing debates (...Maxis?)

And Google is for boomers ( Web3 anyway)

Web3 Academy is here to give you an unbiased and up-to-date look into Web3!

Learn & Become Confident in Web3

What Is Web3?

  • The foundational changes to the internet
  • Use cases of Web3

The Current State of Web3 Infrastructure

  • WTF are blockchains?
  • Which blockchains are sustainable?

The Future of Web3

  • How will Web3 UX emerge
  • The Application Layer

Your guide down the rabbit hole

Kyle Reidhead

Founder: Impact Digital Marketing & Web3 Academy

Kyle is a serial entrepreneur and marketing guru across Web2 and Web3. He’s spent the last 3 years digging through the rabbit hole, exploring how Web3 will impact community, business models and the way we interact on the internet. Kyle is an avid investor, user and builder across crypto and Web3.

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