Capitalize on an Onchain World in Constant Transformation

Capitalize on an Onchain World
in Constant Transformation

Get weekly onchain analysis & industry insights that help you build and invest successfully in web3.

Get weekly onchain analysis & industry insights that help you build and invest
successfully in web3.

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It's time for you to build and invest successfully in web3

Weekly onchain report uncovering how money flows onchain and how sustainable businesses are being built.

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Exclusive PRO events with Kyle, Jay & the Web3 Academy PRO team

Exclusive PRO events with Kyle, Jay & the Web3
Academy PRO team

About our PRO Reports

Our weekly onchain reports deliver insights regarding tokenomics, market trends and how value flows onchain.
Tokenomics Reports
Evaluating the sustainability of popular tokens so you can make informed investment decisions.
Market Trend Reports
Looking onchain to discover key trends that the rest of the world isn't aware of, to keep you on the forefront of the crypto markets.
Value Accrual Reports
Understand how value flows in web3 to find out who's really profiting from the activity happening onchain.
Dive deep into successful strategies conducted by the top brands in web3 and see what’s working and why.

We’re Right... A lot

Spotted the $BTC surge early by identifying key signals from macro trends, technical analysis, and more.
Predicted the $SOL rally early on through industry insights and ecosystem growth.

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Your PRO Pass (NFT) unlocks access to a community of 130+ web3 investors and builders, exclusive insights, direct chats, and live sessions with Kyle, Jay & the W3A PRO team.

What People Are Saying

Great content and article, Kyle! Super valuable info and knowledge share. Love it!
Holy shit! Do you have all of that in your head. Great summary. Appreciate the detailed analysis.
Love it! Well written, easy to read, and super informative! LFG!
Super interesting post! This has given me a new mental model to view the world, thanks gents!

Meet Your Authors

Our PRO reports are heavily researched and written by:
Kyle Reidhead
Co-founder of Web3 Academy publishing over 200 podcasts and articles. Co-founder of Impact3 consulting for Bankless, Milk Road, Real Vision, Lark Davis, Rekt Capital and more. Experienced investor and blockchain public speaker.
Jay Hamilton
Co-founder Web3 Academy interviewing over 100 leading blockchain founders. Passionate about blockchain as a new paradigm for businesses to amplify loyalty, community and governance. Angel investor. Got rekt by NFTs.

Frequently Asked Questions

PRO is designed for anyone keen on diving deep into web3. Whether you’re an investor, builder, or enthusiast looking to stay ahead of the curve, PRO gives you the onchain insights you need to thrive.

As a PRO member, you’ll get weekly onchain reports with cutting-edge industry insights, access to a token-gated Discord channel, invites to exclusive events with Kyle & Jay and the Web3 Academy team, and a PRO Pass (NFT) that opens the door to special web3 perks and early access opportunities.

Kyle Reidhead and Jay Hamilton are the co-founders of Web3 Academy. Kyle is a seasoned investor and blockchain speaker with extensive consulting experience, while Jay brings in-depth interviews with blockchain leaders to the table and shares lessons from his own investment journey, including NFT ventures.

Web3 Academy is making sense of an onchain world in constant transformation. This is your one-stop for industry insights & market analysis that helps you build & invest in web3.

The Web3 Academy PRO Membership is $18/month or $180/year. Prices are in USD.

A crypto wallet is not required for PRO membership itself, but you’ll need one to mint your PRO Pass, which unlocks a host of rewards and benefits within the web3 ecosystem.

Once you upgrade to PRO, you’ll have the opportunity to mint your exclusive PRO Pass.

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