Monetize Your Brand.
Incentivize Your Community.
Transform Your Business.

A step-by-step framework from industry experts on how to use NFTs, Tokens and other Web3 marketing tactics to stay ahead of the game and grow in the new internet!

Web3’s #1 Community and Training Program for Creators, Entrepreneurs & Marketers

Be Future Proof

Accelerate your community, business or career with Web3

Turn On the 'Web3 Flywheel'

Learn best practices to launch Web3 tools like NFTs and Tokens to transform your community into an army of incentivized contributors.

Create New Revenue Streams

Create additional revenue streams and opportunities for your brand or business while sharing the upside with your customers, fans and followers!

Stay Ahead of the Fastest Growing Technology

Web3 & crypto will impact every business model and industry in the coming years. Using Web3 tools now is like understanding how to create websites and online businesses in the 90s!


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20+ lessons from industry experts on all things Web3; NFTs, Tokens, Metaverse and more! We even include Web2 marketing tactics for success in Web3.


A discord community of creators, marketers & entrepreneurs learning, taking action and sharing experiences! A group of doers on the forefront of the Web3 revolution.

Direct Access

Access to the Impact Digital Marketing & Web3 Academy team for insights and feedback on whatever you’re creating.

Ongoing Education

Consistent updates on the innovations in Web3. Through live calls The Web3 academy team and community shares insights into new protocols, projects and use cases across the industry.


Up-to-date resources and guides to help you and your team easily utilize Web3 tools like NFTs, Tokens and more!

Web3 Academy NFT

All Web3 Academy members receive the inaugural Web3 Academy POAP. More to come on it’s utility… 

Web3 Academy is NOT:

Web3 Academy is:

Who's in Our Community

Creators & Community Builders

Artists, musicians, educators, content creators and even brands or entrepreneurs with communities that want to expand its impact and capabilities

Marketers & Business Builders

Marketers for existing business or newbies looking to get hired in the industry. This is how you stay ahead of the game on the next big thing in digital marketing

Crypto Explorers

Crypto curious and enthusiasts who want to understand how Web3 will change business models and ultimately, the way we will organize and utilize the internet

“Web3 tools enable new forms of business models, monetization and community dynamics that will seep into every business in the coming years. Web3 academy removes all the hype and provides creators, marketers and entrepreneurs with the education needed to develop their Web3 strategy and understand how to execute it successfully.”

Kyle Reidhead


What You’ll Learn

What Is Web3?

  • Web3’s Foundational Changes To The Internet
  • Adoption of Web3
  • Web2 vs. Web3 Marketing
  • What you need to know about Web3 Infrastructure


  • NFT Utility & Potential
  • Minting Your NFTs
  • Important NFT Launch Assets: Community & Website
  • Marketing Your NFT Launch
  • Membership NFTs by UnlockProtocol
  • What’s next after NFT Launch? 


  • The Tokenization Of Everything
  • Token Use Cases: Social Tokens, Gamification, DAOs
  • Designing Your Tokenomics & Incentive Framework for Social Tokens
  • How To Mint & Launch Social Tokens
  • The Future of Community Tokens by Coinvise

Web2 Marketing For Web3 Success

  • Building A Digital Community
  • Cultivating an Engaged Community Online
  • Growing Your Community Part 1: Social Ads
  • Growing Your Community Part 2: SEO & Google Ads

The Ultimate Web2 → Web3 Roadmap For Communities & Brands

  • A framework to educate your community into Web3
  • The ideal roadmap to launch NFTs and Tokens
  • Creating a new ecosystem with your community

Marketing In the Metaverse

  • Building in The Metaverse
  • Advertising In the Metaverse
  • The metaverse strategy

Pay in Crypto or US Dollars!

Web3 Academy is a yearly membership and as usual in this space… it pays to be early! The earlier you join the lower the entry price (for life!) and the better your future rewards 👀. See below for more details.

Your Educators

Kyle Reidhead



Tokenized Communities

Unlock Protocol

Membership NFTs

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